Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Shoreline Abstraction

I am aware that, given the winter we've had, I am failing my blog! Christmas was rightly spent on family activity but I have built up some photos to share. They just need some time spent on them in Photoshop. Here is one taken down at West Wemyss. I pick up all sorts of things from the beach hoping to involve them in pictures at some point - old signs, boots, rusty cans, etc - but I thought I'd try and make something on site.

Photo Trouvée

There is a fascinating book called Photo Trouvée which is worth exploring. I recently came across the work of Corrinne Vionnet who takes the idea many stages further. More 'photos recyclées', in her series Photo Opportunities she scours the internet for images taken by others of famous landmark sites throughout the world and fuses them into one image. What is fasinating is how she manages to collect so many that must be quite similar in their composition to create the finished artwork.


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Desk, Kinghorn Harbour

It was late afternoon and the sun had sunk below the horizon taking the temperature with it. I found this old desk intriguing, with the ropes leading in and out of the frame.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Quick on the draw: testing the Nikon D90

Out walking the dog last week, I went through the short tunnel that links the east of the bay with Dysart Harbour and was met with a fly past of pigeons. When disturbed, they were swooping in circles around the harbour and returning to a spot where someone had left them some food. I took a few pictures, attempting to follow them. This early one came out the best, which in retrospect seemed to work out nicely as it captured the immediacy and surprise of seeing them. Most of the wings make nice shapes. In the other pictures too many of them are caught looking contorted or like tins of flying beans.