Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Shoreline Abstraction

I am aware that, given the winter we've had, I am failing my blog! Christmas was rightly spent on family activity but I have built up some photos to share. They just need some time spent on them in Photoshop. Here is one taken down at West Wemyss. I pick up all sorts of things from the beach hoping to involve them in pictures at some point - old signs, boots, rusty cans, etc - but I thought I'd try and make something on site.


Lynne K said...

Love the texture in this. What's the white circle?

Karl Chapman said...

I wish it was more interesting than a small piece of white foam seal that I found on the beach!

Lynne K said...

Well, now I'm disappointed! I was hoping you'd happened upon an Otherworld portal, or maybe a remnant of some ancient ritual, at the very least!