Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Quick on the draw: testing the Nikon D90

Out walking the dog last week, I went through the short tunnel that links the east of the bay with Dysart Harbour and was met with a fly past of pigeons. When disturbed, they were swooping in circles around the harbour and returning to a spot where someone had left them some food. I took a few pictures, attempting to follow them. This early one came out the best, which in retrospect seemed to work out nicely as it captured the immediacy and surprise of seeing them. Most of the wings make nice shapes. In the other pictures too many of them are caught looking contorted or like tins of flying beans.


Lynne K said...

Amazing that you managed to get one with all the wings making pleasing shapes. Though a picture of tins of flying beans might be interesting...!

Karl Chapman said...


Atiqur Sumon said...

Very good capturing. Nice.